Aberavon beach


So today I thought I would share with you a little part of my Saturday along with my outfit of course!

Me and Kieran headed to Aberavon beach for a walk. When we first met we used to go here ALL the time! I remember in the summer we used to go to McDonald’s, pick up a McFlurry ice cream and head to the beach! It was just our thing.

Of course when I moved in with Kie and his parents we didn’t really bother coming here anymore because we had Swansea beach and mumbles.

One thing I will say with getting our new home together I do miss not being able to just get up and walk to the beach or get into town / go to the cinema within minutes.

But life is all about change and I actually wouldn’t change a thing with where we have chosen to live now. We are literally in between both places so we have the best of both worlds.

It took us around 15 minutes to drive to Aberavon. Today the weather was quite misty with patchy rain but luckily when we got out of the car to walk it had stopped for a little while. Yay!

There were so many CUTE doggies everywhere we looked. The beach is literally dog central. You can tell how much they love it, so many of them were running about in the sand and chasing each other. Me and Kie LOVE animals and especially dogs. If we both didn’t have full-time jobs and were not out of the house all day we would have definitely considered one. We were literally just walking around spotting all the different breeds and contemplating which ones were the cutest!

So enough of me babbling on… now onto the photographs. As much as I plead with Kie to be in my photos he prefers to be behind the camera. Which is absolutely fine. Not everybody loves the camera. Although one day I’ll persuade him, because I feel it is important to take photographs together. Especially when we are grey and old we will have something to look back on together. To be honest I feel that goes for everybody. Whether that’s friends / family or yourself. So get snapping guys!


This photograph above I absolutely love. Can you spot the person and dog in the background! Super adorable!

        I went for a super casual chic look. Wearing my new Abercrombie jeans, my fave dr marten boots which I always have on. Bag is by Brit-stitch, top is Disney, cardigan is by ASOS and hat by Free People. 





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