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Hello welcome to my little creative space! My name is Katie, I am a 20 something lady born and raised in Wales. Recently moved into my first home with my cookie to my ice cream (Kieran). I love being able to use this space to share my hobbies / interests and passions in life with hopes to inspire you. My dream one day would be to travel the world, snapping photographs along the way, while also trying out all the delicious food the world has to offer (A girl can dream right?) I am definitely a girlie girl, I have a passion for fashion, hair and makeup. I love photography and being creative. Disney is sure up there with one of my favourite things. If I could I would live in Sleeping Beauty’s castle! I am a big animal lover, my mother has two cockapoos named Henry and Will and they are the cutest little doggies EVER! (So much love for them). I love cooking and a little bit of baking too! In my spare time I also enjoy keeping fit, eating well to keep my body healthy, going to the movies and spending quality time with my family.




Hi my name is Katie and welcome to Sunshine Blonde! Sharing fashion, travelling favourites and lifestyle from Wales.

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  • Whenever I go to this lovely place I just can
    Whenever I go to this lovely place I just can not simply help but take a photograph. I may be that person who drives you mad, (Kieran hates it when I do it) but you know I just love sharing my food with the world
  • Happy Sunday everybody well last night me and Kieran had
    Happy Sunday everybody well last night me and Kieran had our first night out together in months. We ate out at one of our fave restaurants and seen toy story 4 (which by the way was really good) lots of new characters in this one, obviously my fave was Folky! He’s like the cutest folk you’ll ever meet but without giving anything away I was disappointed with the ending it was really sad and I am going to pretend it didn’t happen! Out of them all my favourite has to be the first and third movie.
  • Flowers make me happy
    Flowers make me happy
  • I remember this day me and kie decided to go
    I remember this day, me and kie decided to go on a little hiking adventure and I couldn’t resist taking a picture here because it was definitely a surrounding where quite possibly a dinosaur could pop out! I just love theming my outfits

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