Birthday weekend

Hi you lovely bunch! For weeks I have been looking forward to this weekend! The biggest reason being is that me and Kieran are off work for four full days! Friday to Monday and I cannot hold my excitement! Well now I can because it is already over and it is Monday evening but I’m still happy because it means a shorter week in work! Yay!

Anyway today I am celebrating my handsome man’s birthday! To be honest we had planned to go to Tenby for the day but the weather has been rather cloudy and rainy so I asked him last night. What do you really fancy doing for your birthday? He said I just want to stay in with you all day, eat chicken, watch films and sleep. I smiled and said okay that’s what we are gonna do. It has actually been lush to just relax and be in our home.

We moved in to our first home together just over two months ago now and time has literally gone by so quickly. I cannot get over how fast it has gone. But I am loving every second of it. Every day is an adventure and I love having our own place together. Nothing beats it.

We done a few lovely things together over the weekend, Friday we spent the day in Cardiff. We done a little bit of shopping, ate burritos in one of our favourite restaurants and seen the new Captain Marvel film. Which by the way was awesome! She is my new favourite super hero! Saturday we went on the hunt for a game Kieran really fancied for his Nintendo switch. The Super SMASH Bros or something? Anyhow we found it and he has been playing it ever since. Sunday we spent the afternoon at his parents, his mam cooked steaks but because I don’t eat a lot of meat, she made me chicken with homemade chips and salad. It was delicious! Afterwards we decided to take a drive to Mumbles. One of my favourite spots to go for photographs and for walking. Although to be honest we didn’t last long outside because it was absolutely freezing and windy!!




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  1. Mandy Thornhill says:

    Lovely pictures Kate glad you both enjoyed your weekend xx

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