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Hi friends! I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Disney inspired looks! As you probably have already guessed I am a HUGE Disney fan. My dream as a child was to one day visit Disneyland Paris. That day finally came when my mother and nan surprised me to a trip when I was seven years old! Ever since then, my love for Disney has grown and almost two years ago, me and Kieran travelled all the way to Florida to stay at Disney World. Legit best holiday EVER. It is truly the happiest place in the world. We are already planning on going again in the near future. We went between Halloween season and that was SO much fun! Christmas is also a wonderful time to visit! I would love to see it in Florida. It would be interesting to experience warm weather in December, living in the UK it is usually FREEZING that time of year! Also another great thing about going over the seasonal period is Disney tends to bring out special characters (ones which are NEVER around for the rest of the year) which is a great way to get a photograph of your favourite Disney character! They also have lots of fun seasonal merchandise, yummy treats and more! When is your favourite time to visit?

Anyway, on to the OUTFITS… I love to incorporate Disney into my looks every now and then, it genuinely makes me feel happy and it’ll put a smile on somebody else’s face too! So it’s the best of both worlds! I believe no matter how OLD you are, your never TOO OLD for Disney. I’m always on the look out in my favourite stores to see if they are selling anything Disney inspired and these days you can pretty much find that in most places.

This top I got from ASOS, one of my favourite online stores! This top has unfortunately sold out, I find these type of finds always go so quickly! But you can shop my skirt which is on sale HERE

How cute is this Minnie mouse t-shirt? I had it from the Disney Store in Cardiff. It was on sale, which has sold out unfortunately, I plan to take this with me when we next book our trip!

Okay so this look is one of my favourites, I actually feel like a doll whenever I wear this! The top and bow in my hair is from H&M. They always tend to bring out the cutest Disney tops! My skirt is pretty vintage, I’ve had it for years. I went through a funny phase with this skirt actually.. I wore it like crazy when I bought it, then for years I didn’t wear it but never got rid of it, and then the other day I came across it in my wardrobe and I’ve been wearing it all the time! Shoes are from NEXT (again old) but you can shop similar ones HERE

Another way I styled the mickey mouse t-shirt with this super cute button up skirt you can shop HERE from ASOS.

I was going for total MINNIE MOUSE vibes here. This gorgeous polka dots red dress and mustard headband from ASOS. Both sold out but you can shop a similar look HERE

Thank you so much for reading! If you LOVED this and would like to see more Disney inspired posts please comment below! Love Katie Xo



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