Drummau Mountain hike

The week before last me and Kieran decided to take a lovely walk around our new neighbourhood. We moved into our first house together just a couple of weeks before Christmas. It feels incredibly good to finally say WE HAVE OUR OWN PLACE! YAY! Anyhow, I am very familiar with the area we have decided to live, seeing as I grew up around 20 minutes from where we are now. Kieran lived a little farther away, so this was a great way for me to show him around and for us to explore together. We took a walk along this beautiful path just ten minutes walk away from our home. We wanted to find out where the path led to the mountain. Now I had never been from that direction before so it was interesting to see how far it would take us. The plan was never to actually climb to the top that day but with a little persuasion and enthusiasm from me I managed to persuade Kie!

It actually took us a little longer than we expected but with my positivity leading the way we got to the top (eventually). Kie was not my friend at this point, because we both were getting very sweaty and he wanted to turn back! But I insisted we go because it was only another fifteen minutes walk.

There are a couple of ways to get to the mountain and typically I took us the hardest way ha. As we got closer, there were at least one hundred steps right to the top. They got extremely steep with some being non-existent! Which was really difficult to try and walk on. Getting older I seem to struggle more with the physical aspect of heights, yet you can put me on a rollercoaster and I am absolutely fine. Strange huh?

I was so proud of us for getting to the top and the view was so, so pretty. It was a little cloudy and it did drizzle with rain but on a sunny day it would look even more beautiful.

To be honest I was not wearing a comfy outfit suitable for hiking, apart from my black leggings which were very comfy. My jumper however got me quite warm because it is made out of wool, so it was a major relief to find it being cool and windy at the top.

There is actually a funny story when we explored the rest of the mountain. There were lots of sheep in the field…. at first we decided to take some photographs and take in the view. Then to our surprise, when we took another look over to the sheep… they were ALL STARING AT US. It was kind of freaky! There was definitely one in charge at the front and he didn’t look too happy. Kieran teased me that the sheep were going to chase us if we didn’t make a move and of course me the gullible person I believed him so we darted across the field to the fence to climb back down! Luckily there were no chasing but we had fun non the less!


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