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Hello Friends! Today I wanted to share with you some photographs of my outfits. Fashion has always been a HUGE part of my life. I love wearing things that make me feel good. It is a way of expressing my personality! As a child I used to shy away and blend in with the crowd instead of going for the more “out there” kind of look. Growing into my teens and now in my twenties I feel completely different. Although I am DEEPLY inspired by some of the fashion bloggers out there at the minute. Usually if there is something they are wearing that I really love, I will purchase it and style it up in my own creative way. I mean everybody gets inspiration from somebody right?

Anyhow I recently bought this SUPER CUTE button up skirt from ASOS. Which by the way is one of my favourite online fashion stores. When I spotted this colour skirt I instantly became obsessed. It brightens up anything you wear with it, whether it’s a simple t-shirt in the Summer or a cosy jumper in the Winter. I love that you can wear this all year around and I try to find pieces that I will use a lot. It is a comfortable cotton feel material and I love it so much that I bought it in EVERY SINGLE colour. I am also wearing a mustard hair bandana by Free People. They have some of the most prettiest hair accessories!

I also love, love, LOVE my Dr Marten boots! Again, a year round purchase! They go with mostly anything. But I will say, I wore these out the other day and they did start rubbing me….. but that was my fault because I wore them out midday when it was too HOT. Hence my feet swelling and it caused me to have a blister! (ouch!)

This place is one of my favourite spots for photographs. I just love the scenery of the Marina. It is so quirky!

Thank you so much for reading my little story on some of my thoughts about fashion. I hope you enjoyed and that I have inspired you to express your personality with the clothes you purchase.

Love Katie

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