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Hello and happy Sunday to you! Live more magic is the title of this blog post today. Life itself is magical and exploring is one of my favourite things to do. There are so many wonders of the world. Even things that we think are small and perhaps insignificant are in fact wonderful. Growing up I never really appreciated things like I do now. I absolutely love nature and with all the talks of global warming it really makes me think I want to try and help out our planet as much as I can!

Me and Kie took a walk this afternoon since the weather was looking pretty good. Although on our way home it did rain with hailstones! Which was kinda fun apart from us being very cold!

So today’s look was a little inspiration from Disney. If you didn’t know already I am a big Disney fanatic. Coordinating Disney with fashion is so much FUN!

Outfit details: mickey and Minnie Mouse top is vintage from H&M. Boots are by Hunter, jeans by Abercrombie, rust colour cardigan is from ASOS and my favourite neck scarf (which I also use as a hair bandana) is by Free People.


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    Happy weekend to you So today me and Kie spent the afternoon in Cardiff, eating burritos shopping + went to see the new Captain Marvel movie! - which by the way is super awesome! She’s my new favourite ❤️ now we are heading back home for dominos pizza
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  • Blown away yesterday on our mini walk
    Blown away yesterday on our mini walk
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    Hope your having a great Monday! Today is Kieran’s birthday❤️ So thankful for us having time off from work to celebrate his day and especially in our home. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at his parents then went out for a little walk in one of my favourite spots although to be honest we didn’t last long outside because it was absolutely freezing and windy! But the photograph turned out good so I’m not complaining

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