First weekend of March

Can you believe it is already March?! The year is already flying by and there is so many things I want to accomplish. Time is a funny thing, when working full-time it is difficult to fit everything you want in. Like I absolutely love photography and fashion. It is for sure my passion and I have so much I want to create / share! Travelling is another huge love of mine, me and Kieran are really hoping to be hopping on a plane sometime this year! Literally if I can I have to go away somewhere each year. That is what life is all about right? To explore / adventure new places. Also for the food, in fact it’s always about the food! Ha ha. Anyhow….

This weekends weather has been pretty rubbish. But me and Kie certainly made the most of it. To be honest I quite enjoy a weekend in our home together without going places. It’s kinda nice we don’t have to be anywhere and to just get on with things we need to complete in the house.

So our second room is finally starting to look like a bedroom. You know how your meaning to start something and you just never seem to get around to it? Then eventually there comes a perfect opportunity and things fit together like a jigsaw puzzle! We have been trying to find the time to finish it, like last week on my day off from my job I done some painting and this weekend Kie managed to start laying the flooring. It is already looking SO GOOD. I am chuffed. Also so, so proud of him, seriously he is multi talented because I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin with laying flooring.

I cannot wait to start adding all the finishing touches! This is where my creative side comes out.

Outfit details: top is by ASOS, dungarees by FREE PEOPLE.


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  1. Mandy Thornhill says:

    Love the photos Kate looks like you’ve had a busy weekend xx

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