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I have been wanting to share my story on my trip last year in October to Sorrento. I have been there many years ago when I was a teenager with my mother and my auntie. At that time although I enjoyed the trip I felt I didn’t really experience the holiday as well as I could have now. When your younger I guess sometimes you don’t tend to take in everything and appreciate things as much. Also I was more of the type to just chill by the pool and the beach. Which I love to do now but I much prefer to explore the country I am in and take in all the history the place has to offer. So as you can imagine I was dying to take Kieran, especially since he has NEVER been to Italy before. It is my third trip to Italy overall, I went to the Venetian Rivera when I was 16, again with my mother and auntie and I have loved Italy ever since! Everything about this country exceeds my expectations, every single time I visit and I haven’t even been to half the places in Italy yet! The dreamy scenery, food, fashion and lifestyle, it is just magical and the perfect place to take gorgeous photographs!

So we stayed in a beautiful hotel up on the cliffs which had a spectacular view of Naples and of course Mount Vesuvius. I would recommend anybody wanting to visit some of the popular places such as Capri, Positano and the Amalfi coast to stay in Sorrento. It is literally in between everything and much better value for money. Unless money is not an issue then opt for staying wherever you fancy. It is very easy to get to places too with so much choice of transport. You can choose to go by boat, car, taxi/bus or train if your heading to Pompeii for example. A quick mention about Sorrento, it is a busy town, filled with endless restaurants, shops and bars. The main town called PIAZZA TASSO is very popular. Me and Kieran did have food once right in the square which was nice to just be amongst all the hustle and bustle.

We took a beautiful boat ride to Capri one day, there isn’t a huge amount to do there, apart from shop till you drop! Of course there are plentiful routes to go walking and everywhere you look there is beauty. Definitely worth seeing! Also I will mention there was this one particular café/snack bar called Buonocore Gelateria which sells yummy pastries, baguette and ice cream – they also make their own waffle cones which I would DEFINITELY recommend trying! If me and Kieran decide to go back (which I am CERTAIN we will in the near future) I’ll be taking a trip, even if it was just for the food! (I love my food)!

On my trip previous with my mother and auntie, we never got the chance to see Positano, although we did see the Amalfi coast. So I was very excited to visit here. It is exactly like what you see in the photographs. Picturesque and looks like something out of a painting. There are loads of little stairs leading from everywhere to everywhere straight and filled with shops, it is really cute actually! They sell all sorts of lemon products, colourful painted tiles, colourful silks and of course the famous limoncello. I tried it once at 18, then again at the age of 25 and I have to say I did not like it, it is very strong and Kieran was not fussed either! Although to some it would be delicious! I remember walking past one place and they were selling lemon scented candles – one which was burning at the time and it smelled delicious! I really wish I did not pack so much in my suitcase because there were so many beautiful things I could have brought back with me. I know next time!

I had to squeeze this photograph in of me stuffing my face with a caprese sandwich! You must try this if you go! They sell them absolutely everywhere and are truly delicious!

Spiaggia Grande, the beach we visited is the main part which is very pretty, there are two sides to it, one open for the public and the other half you have to pay for a parasol. Which is what me and Kieran decided to do. I think it cost around 15-20 euros for the day. Prices go up in peak season, as when we were there it was low season. However we did not stay at Fornillo, which I’ve heard is a more laid back atmosphere with four beach bars lining the shore with no ferry traffic.

Lastly we went to Pompeii and climbed mount Vesuvius which again I have seen before, but took in so much more this time around. It was so unbelievably exciting and scary to have climbed that volcano twice! It was very easy to get to. We took a bus from Pompeii which takes you about half way to the top. The rest you have to walk yourself. In October it was fairly warm, especially when the sun was shining. I would recommend visiting this time of year to climb as when I went previously it was peak summer and it was very difficult to walk up. If you are brave enough and able to stick the heat I would definitely suggest taking water with you to stay hydrated and also a battery fan to keep you cool. ALSO comfortable SHOES. I can not stress enough, I wore sandals and I was tripping over rocks constantly and my feet got stinking! Comfy trainers would be a good option.

I had to bring this rock back from Mount Vesuvius just to show I had made it to the top 😉

There is still a lot I have not shared with you but I hope you have enjoyed this mini taster of my trip to Italy. Thank you so much for reading!

Love Katie Xo



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