Perfection. Does it exist?



Happy weekend to you!

One thing I am learning is that life is beautifully imperfect. I used to strive for perfection a few years back. I had to look a certain way before leaving the house and it was exhausting. Plus it took up way too much of my time when I could have been focusing on more important things. Like being happy with how I look and feel confident that I can walk straight out of my home… without any makeup on and live without feeling the need to worry if I look okay or not. It may sound daft but honestly that is how I felt. I am sure I’m not the only one who used to feel this way or still does.

I used to be so uptight and take things too seriously. Okay wait I still am a little like this. But I am learning to be more relaxed and to go with the flow more.

The question is why do we feel the need to be this way? Why can’t we just accept who we are as a person, to be happy and confident always.

As humans we always unfairly pull ourselves down and compare. The truth is not one person on this planet is perfect.

Even if we think people are. There is always somebody out there with complications. Even if on the outside they look like they are living the dream. It doesn’t mean they are feeling it on the inside. Even the most loudest and confident person in the world can still get these feelings.

The answer is we all have endless emotions every day, we are human, we cannot control these feelings always and that is okay.

We have to learn to take each day with a pinch of salt so to speak. To realise that not everyday is going to be as you want it or how you think it’s going to go.

To stop thinking about the fact you should know all the answers or know what direction you should be in. You don’t. You just have to know what is in your heart and follow it.

So let’s stop comparing ourselves and realise we are unique in our own special way. I feel confident in my skin and lately I haven’t even bothered wearing any makeup. Don’t get me wrong at first it was a little strange and I thought everybody was going to be staring at me. The truth is nobody noticed any difference. We, ourselves are our biggest enemy. If we can defeat our own self judgement we can do anything!!

So today me and Kieran headed to Burry Port (one of our favourite places to visit in the summer) to take some photographs and visit the caravan site. We also finally picked up the rest of our stuff from the lock up today for our home. It feels so good to finally say we won’t be needing self storage anymore!


I really hope you enjoyed this post today and let me know in the comments what your thoughts are. I would love to hear any of your stories. Love Katie.

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