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Rain in the UNITED KINGDOM is always predictable. I think Wales tends to get the worst of it, although this is not a complaint because I welcome rain. I actually don’t mind it now and again. It is super important for our planet after all! Yesterday was my day off work and I always tend to keep myself busy, trying to do as much as possible! Do you ever feel that your wasting a day if you end up lazing around? Well that is my problem I always feel I should be making the most of my day off so I fill it with lots of unnecessary things. But yesterday I decided for once in my life to change and to literally do the complete OPPOSITE and actually relax by doing the things I love to do. I mean that is what a day off work is all about right?
So I decided to share with you a few pictures of my afternoon spent watching LOTS of episodes of my favourite series FRIENDS! I can not tell you how many times I have seen the whole series, it never fails to make me laugh, no matter how many times I have seen it. I find if your ever having a down day it instantly puts me in a better mood! Also the characters are so relatable and when you watch the show it makes you feel like they are one of your friends. It’s like I feel like I know them! (Haha) Can anybody else relate?
Although the show ended over 14 years ago (still can not get over how quick time flies) It is like no time has passed because even now the show is still super POPULAR! The next generations are enjoying it too, I mean to me it is a timeless show!
Growing up my mother always used to have it on the television and ever since I can remember I loved it too! I really wish they would make a MOVIE. Although the idea of seeing the characters age does make me feel kind of sad but it would be interesting to see where they are in life right now.

I fell in LOVE instantly when I found this t-shirt in H&M. Of course I had to purchase it straight away. My headband is from Urban Outfitters. Jeans are from GAP, one of my favourite brands. They are made so well and are SUPER COMFORTABLE!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love Katie



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