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Growing up I always dreamed of having beautiful, silky long hair inspired by the Disney princesses. My goal was probably Ariel, her hair looked good even when it was wet! I wanted that too! Then reality kicked in and yeah my hair didn’t turn out quite like that. When I was around 13, I decided to get my hair cut into a bob. I absolutely loved it, ever since I have been trying to grow it long again.

As I have got older I always envied women with super LONG HAIR. Being able to get creative with it by styling it different ways with braids, pony tails, curls, you name it, the list is endless with how many ways you can style long hair.

Anyway I have had it long for a while now and as much as I love it, it can be a pain in the backside. It can get really knotty quickly, needs lots of care and maintaining to keep it looking healthy and shiny. To be honest I have been neglecting it a little the past year, I haven’t been keeping up to my usual routine of using hair treatments every week, which by the way is SUPER important to do! Also I have been washing it pretty much everyday, which is the WORST thing to do for any hair length. Technically you should wash your hair as little as possible to keep all the natural oils at balance. Otherwise your just drying it out and getting rid of all the important GOOD stuff!

So lately I have been debating whether or not to take the plunge and have it cut short. Well yesterday I came to the decision because I was already booked in for a hair colour and regular cut. I decided to go brighter and have two shades of blonde highlights put through my hair and yes I went shorter!! Before the hairdressers did anything they literally had me to stand up and they chopped off about 2-3 inches straight off and it actually felt like a HUGE RELIEF! I do not regret it one SINGLE bit! I am literally in love with the hair length, I cannot stop smiling! The colour has brightened me up too! Isn’t it amazing how having your hair done can fill you with so much happiness? I shared a couple of photographs below to show you my new look!

I got this ADORABLE Disney logo top from ASOS too. Again sold out, Disney finds always go quick! Keep an eye out though, you never know it may come back in stock.

Let me know what you think of the look below! Also I am really going to start look after my hair from now on and give it all the love it needs!

Thanks for reading!

Love Katie

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  1. M Williamz says:

    Lovely pictures Kate, sunflowers are looking good too xxx

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