Sunday fun

Hope you all are having a great week! I wanted to share with you some photographs I took on Sunday…

Me and Kieran were baby sitting my mother’s doggies on Sunday. She has two cockapoos named Henry and Will. We took them out for a lovely walk just around the corner from our house. The weather has been LUSH the past few days. So it has been perfect for getting out and about. Literally cannot get over how warm and beautiful it has been in the UK. Not that I want to put a downer on the weather but it really does make you think about how climate change is happening. It’s actually quite scary! If this was in April it would make more sense to be warmer but in February it’s crazy!

Anyhow on a positive note I do feel happier and more alive when the weather is good! Don’t you agree?

But I am also not holding my breath because more cold and rain is expected soon so I’m making the most of every single day (even if I am in work) getting out on my break enjoying the sunshine is the way to go.

Sunday I wore my favourite top which I bought last year from ASOS. It sold out so quickly which is not surprising. If you haven’t already noticed the t shirt is of the movie Clueless. One of my favourite films growing up. I kept it really simple with black leggings. To be honest I wear leggings a lot. They are so comfy, great for walking / hiking and I pretty wear them everyday to work. My favourite black denim jacket which is by Urban Outfitters. Shoes are by Dr Martens and my hair bobble is from Free People.

I LOVE matching outfits together even though this is a real simple look. Fashion is a big passion of mine and I am always looking for inspiration!

In the picture above is of Henry and below of William. They are honestly the most friendly, loving and beautiful dogs. I am huge animal lover. Animals can give you such happiness and they want nothing more than to be loved. I could honestly talk all day about how much I love animals but I won’t bore you too much! Ha ha.

Thank you so much for reading! Love Katie



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  • Hope your having a great Monday! Today is Kierans birthday
    Hope your having a great Monday! Today is Kieran’s birthday❤️ So thankful for us having time off from work to celebrate his day and especially in our home. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at his parents then went out for a little walk in one of my favourite spots although to be honest we didn’t last long outside because it was absolutely freezing and windy! But the photograph turned out good so I’m not complaining
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  • Blown away yesterday on our mini walk
    Blown away yesterday on our mini walk
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    Happy weekend to you So today me and Kie spent the afternoon in Cardiff, eating burritos shopping + went to see the new Captain Marvel movie! - which by the way is super awesome! She’s my new favourite ❤️ now we are heading back home for dominos pizza

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