Too many clothes in your closet?

Hello everybody! Happy Friday to you! Today I am sharing with you a cute summer dress by H&M. I bought this last year and it’s actually the first time I have worn it! I don’t know why I have waited until now to wear it out but I guess everybody has those items of clothing you have bought where you don’t quite know when your ready to wear it or are keeping it for a particular time. Or is that just me?

Lately though I have changed my ways as far as clothing and accessories are concerned. Why buy something if your not going to wear it? I had such a habit in the past of picking up items in shops and they are literally in my closet forever. Since moving into our house there isn’t particularly a lot of room to put our clothes so this helps a great deal to be more careful with what I buy. I have been on a MAJOR sort out. I actually managed to get rid of a lot of unwanted things. I have given most of my stuff to charity so I know it will be reused. I don’t feel like I have wasted my money too. I believe it is super important to think mindfully when buying clothes because of the amount of chemicals that are released into the atmosphere when they are made. I am all out for trying to help protect our planet to the best of my ability.

Anyhow… back on to my outfit and I am in love! It has a light weight feel and the material is perfect for those hot summer days. Today I paired my dress with white converse trainers and my favourite heart sunglasses. Effortless chic everyday look for the summer!


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