Veneto Italy, part four

Hi friends! Okay so I have been a little on the slack side lately for doing my blog posts but you know how life just seems to take over sometimes?

I wanted to finally share my last photographs of my time in Italy. Today I am sharing with you our trip to Venice, it has always had a soft spot in my heart. True beauty really does exist and it’s definitely here. I am forever grateful whenever I get to come back to this magical place. There is so much history and culture here and every time I come back there is something new that I haven’t seen before.

Me and Kieran spent three days of our trip here. It was so much fun walking through the cobblestone streets and to see all the narrow waterways in real life. We didn’t actually go on a gondola. We felt they were a tad overpriced but I guess if I was to go back, I would go on one because I’m kind of regretting it now. It’s a once in a lifetime experience after all.  So if your planning to go to Venice and unsure of going on one, just DO IT 🙂

Okay so I cannot go without mentioning pizza in Italy, to be honest in life generally because if you don’t know me already, I am a major pizza lover! Usually when me and Kieran go travelling we like to do a little bit of research on the best places to eat out and see. Which I think these days most people do. Sometimes it is nice to go somewhere and experience it for yourself without looking up the place but we have had a few occasions being disappointed so we found this delightful little gem on TripAdvisor. It may not look like much from the outside but I am telling you the pizza is to DIE FOR! It is true what they say, you should never judge a book by its cover! The name of the place is Antico Forno I’ve shared the link on TripAdvisor so you can have a look.


Climbed to the top of the bell tower for the second time which was fun, especially because that day was unbelievably windy! As you might be able to tell in the photograph below.

Also sharing the cutest outfits in three of our days here. The first is this gorgeous dress by ASOS. Paired with a beautiful little half pint bag by Britstitch.

Another place I wanted to share with you is Gelato Di Natura. Mouth-watering gelato, the flavours are amazing and I tend to always go for the same just because it’s my favourite. Highly recommend trying!

Below are photographs of inside the Doge’s Palace. It cost us 20 euros to get in, it was definitely worth it because you could spend however long you wanted and it was a lot less crowded. The details in all the buildings were incredible. I can only image what it is like in ROME. Which is definitely on my bucket list!

Second outfit is this beautiful maxi button up dress by H&M.

I was so chuffed when I found a H&M and Zara in Venice! This dress is by ASOS! Another one of my favourite fashion brands!

Always photo ready! LOL!

Thank you so much for reading.

Love Katie







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