Veneto Italy, part three

This is the third part of my trip to Italy after this I have one more! I wanted to share with you the day me and Kieran took a trip to the Dolomites and Cortina. Again I have been here once before, Kieran had not. Firstly we stopped off at the little town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, commonly known as Cortina. It is in the heart of the southern (Dolomitic) alps in the Veneto region of Northern Italy. It is a very popular winter sport resorts known for its skiing trails, beautiful scenery, accommodation and shops. I actually cannot put into words how beautiful and adorable this town is. It hosted the Winter Olympics in 1956. Several films have been shot in the area the most popular ones are The Pink Panther, Cliff Hanger and For Your Eyes Only. Neither I have seen but I have heard of them lol…. I was also told that one of the Star Wars films was filmed here too! Which I love!! So that was very exciting to find out!

After wandering the streets of Cortina I actually realised how cold it was! At the time I had a mini skirt on which was not exactly the best outfit to wear where we were heading…. haha! So luckily I managed to find a store that sell jeans, and they happened to be Levi’s. I have never owned a pair before and the ones I got were in the sale and they fit me just perfect. They were clearly meant for me and a super cosy fit!

My face in the above picture is priceless! I love it when you get a slightly imperfect photograph. Also this was literally when I changed into my jeans, my skirt is in that bag I’m holding!

Okay, so I really wanted to try the apple strudel here. Since this place was originally Austrian, it became part of Italy after WWI. It is such an interesting place to visit. The dolomites were also historically home to the Ladin people, so it is really not uncommon to hear all three languages spoken and to find all three cuisines in local restaurants/cafes.

 The apple strudel was absolutely delicious, freshly baked, with a hint of cinnamon (which I’m not usually a huge fan of but this one was too yummy to turn down!)

After an hour or two we headed up to the Dolomites. Above in the picture you should be able to spot a red cable car. We had the choice if we wanted to climb or to stay at the bottom, (obviously I was going to climb) Even though I have to point out that it is very steep and I did feel a little giddy going up! So if your nervous of heights, this one may not be for you!

The view from the top was just unreal. It was of very high altitude, we climbed 10,000 feet up to be exact. It is so peaceful at the top all you can here is the sound of your own footsteps.

I have to share this next photograph with you, it is a little blurred but that was only because I shot it quickly while going past in a bus. So this gorgeous little house was inspired by Walt Disney himself it gave him the idea for Snow White and the seven dwarfs house! I was so chuffed I got to see it because I am such a huge Disney fan!

I wanted to quickly point out my outfit details. Of course my jeans are Levi’s, cardigan is from ASOS, top is H&M and headband by Urban Outfitters. But I mainly wanted to focus on this gorgeous high quality leather half pint bag. The brand is called Brit-Stitch and I absolutely love them! I got this bag just before going to Italy and the colour I chose was rust. Which is a stable colour in my wardrobe! You can shop the bag HERE

Thank you for reading!

Love Katie






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