Veneto Italy, Part two.

Hello everybody. Today I am going to share with you a post of my trip to Lake Garda and Verona. It is such a beautiful part of the world. When I get to travel I love to visit places where there is a little history, gorgeous sceneries and of course not forgetting delicious food.

We spent half our day in Verona. I came to this beautiful place over 10 years ago. It is famous for being the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. A 14th century residence with a balcony overlooking a courtyard which is said to be Juliet’s home. There is even a spot where people have written love letters, (a very romantic setting). The movie “Letters to Juliet” with Amanda Seyfried was filmed here too. So worth a visit!

Of course not forgetting the stunning roman amphitheatre. I actually have a funny story about that…. Over 10 years ago me, my mother and auntie came here to see an opera show. If I am being completely honest I was not overly fussed in the first place to see it but I was only 15 at the time so I pretty much had no choice not to go with my family. Anyway we got there and found out the show was all in Italian. Which was fine because I was not expecting it to be in English. It was an evening showing, the setting couldn’t have been more perfect. There were candles and fairy lights scattered all around the amphitheatre it looked so magical. So I thought to myself actually this is going to be a lovely night…. We didn’t actually have a reserved seat so we could sit anywhere inside but here comes the fun part. The seats were so uncomfortable because we were sitting on stone. The show lasted over 3 and a half hours. Also there were mosquitos, which by the way love my skin. So I was completely covered in bites by the end of the evening. It was definitely an experience that I will never forget but if I ever got asked to see that show again I would probably have to say no unless they had something more comfy to sit on and minus the bugs!

Also I was wearing the cutest gingham dress. I had it from ASOS back in the summer, it is so comfy and perfect for walking around the medieval old town of Verona.

Above is a picture I took while crossing the bridge into the town. Everything about this place is so aesthetic.

If you don’t know me already, well my love for food is endless. I am especially a sucker for Italian food. Below are a couple of delicious snacks that me and Kieran of course had to try.  Since the last couple of years I have been using TripAdvisor to find the best places to eat. For the ice cream below we did have to walk a good twenty minutes away from the centre. But I can tell you it was so worth it, the gelato was so unbelievably creamy I could have died.

However we didn’t bother with this pizza below. It is actually quite a funny story looking back. We were on a bus trip with a huge group, I had skipped breakfast that morning only due to not getting up in time. Our bus left really early in the morning and we had been travelling over two and half hours to get to Verona. Also on the way we got stuck on the motorway because of an accident so that prolonged the journey even more. So by this point I was starting to feel VERY HUNGRY. When we arrived we found out that we all had a tour guide to show us around and talk about the history of the town. Which was all very interesting but I was like almost fainting by this point because I just needed some food. So I had an amazing plan, to casually drift out of the group, Kieran wasn’t particularly up for it at first but clearly could see how much I needed to eat. By this point I literally could have eating anything and we happened to stumble across this little pizza corner and I’m so thrilled we did. It kind of tasted like a bruschetta and it was absolutely delicious!

My favourite flavours of gelato are chocolate and cream (which is what I had throughout the whole holiday) I find once I’ve found a good flavour or any food in fact I have to stick to it! At least till I get bored with it anyway. Kieran had chocolate and strawberry.

After me and Kieran devoured the beautiful snacks of Verona, we had to rush back for the bus to Lake Garda. In an ideal situation we would have done this trip ourselves. Perhaps next time we will, so we can really take a good look around instead of rushing to see everything in just under 2 hours.

Behind me in the photograph is a castle called Scaliger. SO, SO BEAUTIFUL!

A must try is the freshly squeezed lemonade reminding me so much of the stunning Amalfi Coast. We also took a boat trip around lake Garda. It cost just 8 euros, so worth it. Then back to Sirmione.

Of course more deserts, two gelato a day is key in Italy 😉 This really made me laugh because in the town they have endless choices of gelato. I have in my hand I guess you would call it a “normal size” cone. Well the cones here were absolutely ginormous! Everybody was walking around with these huge cones full of gelato. Literally they looked bigger than me! So funny, so I opted for the normal one, seeing as I already had a cup of gelato a few hours ago in Verona.

The photographs do not do this place justice. It is magical. If I could live here I would! I really hope you enjoyed reading my little post on Italy. I have two more post on this trip to share, which I am hoping to write in the next few weeks. So stay tuned. Unfortunately my outfit has sold out but I have linked my bag HERE

Love Katie


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