Winter looks

 I want to share with you all my winter looks from last year! Also including my LONG HAIR DAYS! Which I seriously miss ever since cutting it! Even though it did take a lot of maintaining it was SO worth it. But I am also glad I did go for the plunge and have it short because it’s good to have changes in your life. Even if it’s just cutting your hair A LOT shorter 🙂 So here we go, a little trip down memory lane!

Here I am wearing my go to jeans by GAP. I pretty much always get my jeans here. They are always super comfy, reasonable prices and they always last a long time. The ones in this picture I wear on a regular basis and they are still like new. You can never go out of style with denim!

Okay so this jacket is like the cutest thing I have ever bought. I had from URBAN OUTFITTERS and I love it so much. Paired with a gorgeous bright green headband. Oh headbands are definitely my thing, I have at least 40 different ones! It’s kind of a obsession lately ha ha!

See I told you!

I remember this being a SUPER COLD day! Me and Kieran went out for our usual weekend walks around the marina and to the beach. Here I am wearing another one of my favourite brands, Cath Kidston bag, H&M jumper and shoes are vintage by vans.


This look I pretty much wear still, my Dr Martens, coat by ELLE and a simple pair of leggings with a check shirt! Perfect for a everyday look.

I hope you enjoyed a flash back of my last winter looks! Tell me in the comments if you liked it!

Love Katie


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